The Top 10 Frequently Cited OSHA Construction Violations

08 Mar

The purpose for which OSHA standards are put in place is for the promotion of safer working practices both for employees and the companies that they work. Posting of violation of the safety guidelines result in enormous costs. Certain OSHA violations are common in the construction industry and this article sets to spell them out.

Fall protection is a violation of OSHA in construction that is frequently cited. Areas where the violation is very prevalent include portable ladders, residential constructions, scaffolds and guard rails. This violation is the one that is most penalized owing to its high occurrence.

Hazard communication is another OSHA violation that has a high frequency. The safety requires that if the workers are handling hazardous chemicals, it is mandatory to have labels. As well the right training must be given to them regarding how to responsibly handle the chemicals. Know more about 
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OSHA violation that happens with high frequency is the scaffolding. At times the scaffolds are used as ladders which is wrong. The result of this is that the workers sustained serious injuries. According to safety regulations the scaffolds must have the correct structure, used in the right conditions and under supervision.

Another construction OSHA violation that has high frequency is respiratory protection. This safety requirement is put in place to offer protection to workers against smokes, harmful dusts, fogs, sprays among others. Health problems will result for a person that is exposed to those conditions.

Ladders used in construction form OSHA violations on a high frequency. When the incorrect ladder is used or it is not checked for missing parts, accident result here.

Another OSHA violation that cited on a frequent basis is machine guarding. Accidents occur in this instance when there is failure to properly the safety measures.

Another violation of OSHA in the construction is the powered industrial trucks. The operators of fork lifts and lift trucks must have proper training and competence to prevent accident in this instance.

The area of wiring and electrical methods is another where violations of OSHA guidelines are prevalent. Safety regulations state that wires must not kept in hazardous areas.

An area in construction where OSHA violations have been cited are the lockout or tagout. The accidents occur if there is failure to regulate correctly the hazardous energy that happens when employees are undertaking maintenance and servicing of machines.

An area of OSHA in construction that has seen high incidences of violations is the electrical and general requirements.  Accidents in this case occur if there is incorrect installation of electrical equipment. 
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